Welcome to the Help page. Here you can watch a video that supports your navigation of the pages found on this website. Below the video is a Quick 3-Step process in navigating the Tools section.

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Navigating the Tools Page

Once you have chosen your grade division (Figure 1) you have 7 options for assessment tools to choose from (Figure 2).

Help - Figure 1 - Tools Navigation
Figure 1

Help - Figure 2 - Tool Resources
Figure 2
Each assessment tool page is outfitted with a description, listing of tools and the formats in which it is available (Figure 3).

Help - Figure 3 - Resource Details
Figure 3
All tools are available in either PDF or Microsoft Word documents. Clicking the PDF or Microsoft Word icons, should they be available for that tool, the file will automatically download or prompt you to Save As or Open. Should the tool have a Video Strip icon, click the icon and the video will appear in the middle of your screen via YouTube.

Having video playback issues?

All videos are streamed through ETFO’s YouTube Channel. Should you have difficulty during playback, this could mean your Flash Player or browser is out of date. A good place to start would be searching Google for ‘Current Flash Player’ or ‘Latest version of (Name of Browser)’.
Does your school board block YouTube? CLICK HERE to be directed to the video bank.

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